So whats underneath the mysterious BlackMask?

ttb34WEBIn early 2013 Blackmask spawned from hellish depths of the DnB scene to bring High impact, dark energy back into the world of  jump up drum and bass. Shrouded in mystery BlackMask have been plotting in their secret lair to slowly but surely rise to prominence by infecting unsuspecting ravers with with their well produced, balanced hypnotic brand of drum and bass, taking the genre to a whole new level.

Right off the bat the mysterious Blackmask caught the attention of big players on the scene, the German Jump up power house DJ Shrust was very quickly on the scene as well as the legendary DJ Phantasy, and DJ Spice all were  intrigued by this new sound emerging from back streets of DnB, and most of all the question was raised Just who is the BlackMask?, is it one person, or a collective, nobody knows for sure, but the sound this new entity has unleashed is truly mind blowing and has been being lapped up by DnB ravers all over the world, from the USA to the UK and everywhere inbetween BlackMasks unmisakeable  evil Basslines has been causing mayhem.

It wasn’t long before TTB’s Rekless was sent a demo with a note saying would you like our sound on your label (note written in

blood!!), after initially being a little freaked out by the Blood, Rekless was soon on board and i think its true to say is very excited about this new brand

new blackmask logoweb

of DnB being delivered to the masses through his label with trademark highly professional production, and with such force ravers can do nothing to stop it apart from uncontrollably skank out.

BlackMask are normally hiding out in their secret lair producing new material, concocting new ways to dominate both ravers and the DnB scene in general be sure to keep it locked to Ten Ton Beats for the next instalment of the mysterious BlackMask.

BlackMask continue the now legendary Knights of the Ten Ton Table free mix series alongside TTB resident lyricist MC D-Low feel free to download this essential mix below if you like what you hear then head to the to the MP3 store on this website to purchase their Let none survive EP OUT NOW……. SIMPLY PRESS THE DOWN ARROW ON THE PLAYER BELOW….ENJOY


Ten Ton Beats Radio Tour 2014 kicks off on Shotta TV Sunday 26th January



Ten Ton Beats goes on the road through out 2014, to start things off Rekless and crew will be heading for the legendary Shotta TV studios for a 3 hour Ten Ton Takeover on Sunday 26th January. Between 6pm and 9pm on Sunday Ten Ton beats will be transmitting that energy that you only get in a dnb rave through the sorcery of WIFI straight on to your Laptops, PC’s Tablets or dare i say it macs.

Dancefloor based dnb at its finest delivered by current and future producers on Ten Ton Beats, DJ’s on consists of Dangerous, Substainless, Lymitless, Rekless backed up by the vocal talents of MC’s Ruption, Dribbz, J.O.K & D-Low.

Just when you think your weekend is over TTB keeps that fire burning for another 3 hours of dnb carnage so set a reminder on your phone or mark the date in your diary and head over to  on Sunday 26th January show some support for one of the fastest rising dnb record labels on road.




MR ALF-E sets the pace in 2014 with some serious Shockwaves 27.1.13

TTB33webTen Ton Beats starts the New Year with a bang with these two jump up delights from one of the labels longest serving members Mr Alf E. 2013 established TTB as a main player in the digital download market and to show this was no fluke Mr Alf E has been drafted in for combat.

Shockwave due for release on the 27th of January 2014 is by far the Dj’s favourite and has been doing the rounds on dub for some time now, a savage assault on unsuspecting ravers, and a devastating weapon in any DJ’s arsenal, lost the crowd??, drop this bad boy and the soon come flooding back.

As part of the Ten Ton Beats team Mr Alf E has another single planned for TTB during this year and a number of remixes in the pipeline, as well as his own project Target Records, a very busy schedule but what would you expect from such a talented producer.

Mr Alf-E has always had an uncanny ability to make music that people can’t help but want to skank to, whether it’s those drums that he injects so much pace into or thealff3web unrelenting basslines he has perfected over the years he is a producer who has worked hard over the years to master the art of creating quality dance floor jump up dnb, a much respected producer Mr Alf E used all of these skills to create the flip side to the massive Shockwaves.

Essex Murders is a nod to Mr Alf-E’s home county of Essex, this is THAT track which makes you pull THAT face, what can only be described as a hooligan bassline unleashes all kinds of mayhem as your abruptly woken up by the hypnotic bells on the intro, clever expertly eq’d drums keep you riding this wave of all things DnB. If ever the term double a side should be used it’s for this huge release marking Ten Ton beats as the label to watch for 2014.

Preview this huge release on the Ten Ton Beats Soundcloud:

Ten Ton Vs Jay Tuns Addicted EP 16.12.13 R U READY?

TTB32No2100x1000To round off what has been a massive year for Ten Ton Beats, TTB’s man in charge Rekless wanted to round it off with a release that would cement this fast moving label as the forward thinking deliverer of quality dance floor DnB that it has become known for.

This EP employs some of the biggest talents that have passed through the doors at TTB, names such as Manga, Dangerous & Samy Nicks have all contributed to this project that has been in the making since the label started almost 3 years ago. Newbie’s to the roster Noise Lab and Peddla have both offered up huge mixes to introduce themselves to the dnb & drum step masses.

This EP is based around the vocals of a very well know MC/Vocalist Jay Tuns. Jay has worked hard over the years gaining huge respect on the battle MC scene with an unheard of 104 wins and no losses on the battle circuit, with that arena conquered Jay took the risky move of moving into live band work rather than the usual grime scene that most Mc’s of his calibre would have done.

This proved to be a shrewd move as Jay now tours the world with the likes of Dub Pistols and The Ben & Lex live show who feature jaynames such as Rodney P, Million Dan and Earl 16, as if his schedule wasn’t full enough he has found a new love for all things DnB and has recently caught the attention of Bio Beats Fatman D who has been  made him a full member of  the Biological Beats gang.

Jay has also been made a resident MC for Exeter’s premier Drum and Bass night ‘Rinseout’. This project got under way when Jay sent Rekless a few tracks he was working on a couple years back seizing the opportunity Rekless asked if he could use the hook to one of the tracks ‘Addicted’ as he knew it would lend itself well to dnb, it took a while but with the addition of the Noise Lab & Peddla mixes this EP has been brought bang up to date with all artists going back in on their original mixes, the idea was although the sample is the same, every track must bring something new to the listening experience which we at TTB think we have achieved………..WITH BELLS ON!!!.

From Noise Labs no nonsense high tech tearout, to the crossover potential of  Peddla’s Drumstep stomper, coupled with the Jay Tuns hypnotic bars this EP has a mix to please Ravers, DJ’s and everyone in between. Ten Ton Beats ends 2013 with the way it wants to start 2014……….WITH A MASSIVE SLICE OF MERKINGTON PIE!!!!

TTB presents Substainless – The Gunslinger EP 11.11.13

Substainless promowebTen Ton Beats steps up once again to bring you the best in upfront dnb shinanigins, whose leading the charge on this assault on the audio senses, none other than the mighty SUBSTAINLESS. Substainless has been making waves for years as part of Dub professors and as a solo artist. Head of TTB Rekless had been in toiuch with Substainless before now and had an EP all mapped out with this coventry based producer, but for what ever reason that EP didnt happen. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because when Rekless got in touch with substainless to see if they could make another EP work this The Gunslinger EP is what came out, This HUGE riddim filled EP will be avialable to download from 11.11.13.

Anthony aka “Substainless”  has been producing for just over 4 years, He has been producing style’s and sound’s of all sub-genres of Drum & Bass, And likes to dabble in to a bit of Trap, Dubstep & UK Hip Hop from time to time. Substainless likes to busy himself in the studio on some project or other, he is an artists who is truly dedicated to his art, always finding new ways to exploit his skills on the buttons to cause maximum damage on the dnacefloors. One of the things that makes this producer different to all the rest is his attention to detail, clinically clean production and what seems to be a sixth sense for what truly works on the dancefloor.

This EP is proof that Substainless can and will take a seat alongside the DnB producing greats of the UK, Have a listen to this epic EP below

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