‘No Sync Button Required’ mix series continues with exclusive signing Melysma

Ten Ton Beats unleashes volume to of its brand new mix series ‘NO SYNC BUTTON REQUIRED’. This time on the decks we have exclusive signing Melysma who is signed across both Ten Ton labels TTB & TTD (Ten Tons Deeper). This is a truly huge mix, the mixing is as tight as it gets and the whole thing seems to flow fluidly much like Melysma’s liquid style of music, although he has recently started experimenting in the morejump up side of things.
More from this producer is coming ecross both labels, there are colabs with vocal talent as well as all the gd things this very talented producer has become known for. ENJOY ANOTHER QUALITY FREE DOWNLOAD FROM THE GOOD FOLKS AT TEN TON BEATS.




1Can’t Stop today – Soligen
2.The Only one – Saxxon feat Jon Scott
3.Each Year – Melysma (Forthcoming Ten Tons Deeper)
4.Dusk (Zero T remix)
5.Evergreem – Melysma (Forthcoming Ten Tons Deeper)
6.Focus – Ivy Lab
7.Billboard – Sterling Sound
8.Dreadlocks – L-Sides
9.No Escape – MarX & Agro (Forthcoming Ten Tons Deeper)
10.Badman – Nu Elements
11. Slight of Hand – Total Science, S.P.Y & System
12. Momentum – M Soul & S27
13.Soulide – Halogenix
14.Existance – Madcap
15.Breath in – Bcee
16.Control – Damageman (Ten Ton Beats)
17.Dub Murder – Terraform & Precise
18.Options – Version
19.Trust no one – Survival & Silent witness
20.Big Phat Bass ( Melysma Remix) – Steampunk feat Jasmine Knight ( forthcoming Ten Ton Beats)
21. Flashpoint – MarX (Forthcoming Ten Tons Deeper)
22. Falling in love – Broken drum
23.Searchin – Asides & Mokalo
24. Disco Dubs – Gold Dubs

Rob Soundline gives us a huge freebie ahead of his debut EP..

rob webWith an EP heading your way on Ten Ton Beats Rob Soundline offers up this massive free download to get your hearts pumping in anticipation of what promises to be one of the biggest EP’s to land this year, the free track your about to download it called  Called ‘Can’t see it’,, one of those free tracks that comes along once in a while that makes you wonder “why free?”, that would be because the best of whats to come from this talented producer is yet to come.

One of the tracks from the forthcoming EP which hasn’t even reached the promo run stage is being hammered up and down the country by the drum and bass elite. But if your not lucky enough to have a copy of the anthemic ‘Games’ you can have this absolutely free to wet your appetite, another quality free download from the good folks at Ten Ton Beats.



Dangerous promoTo celebrate the Dangerous double release on Ten Ton Beats & Ten Tons Deeper, we offer up this massive free download. Dangerous uses his ability to conquer any sub genre of dnb, this time he decides a bit of techstep tickles his fancy. A massive free download from one of TTB’s longest serving soldiers.



Dangerous does the double…..

TTB43webTen Ton Beats longest serving warrior Dangerous is returning to TTB after a long break. Dangerous returns with a heavy weight banger of an EP called the Greedo EP,with an all star cast.

On the Greedo EP, we have guest appearances from artists such as Nightbreed (Ram records), as well as the mighty Dj Manga and not forgetting new wave producer L-Ectric, not forgetting his long time friend the legendary Mc Foxy, as if that wasn’t enough Dangerous also dons his creative hat and comes up with something his fans may not expect by creating a high energy liquid number for TTB’s sister label Ten Tons Deeper,Called you’re mine with sleeping on the Sofa on the flip.

TTD005webBut this is just the tip of the iceberg, Dangerous now creating his own dnb sound in sunny Australia has almost completed his follow up LP for Ten Ton Beats, his first Album The good, the bad, and the Dangerous, had many of the 12 track ensemble of jump up delights chart very high in charts right across the board, and after hearing snippets from the forthcoming LP we at TTB HQ are very excited not only by Dangerous’s return but also looking forward to witnessing the devastation his new tracks will cause on dance floors worldwide.

Dangerous is back at his first home Ten Ton Beats and the best way to celebrate that is to show the world of dnb just how versatile he is, not many producers have the skills to make an EP and a single that stretches over two labels that releases different genres both under the dnb umbrella of course, Enjoy.

Steampunk heads the charge into 2015 with some Big Phat Bass


Steampunk head the charge for ten Ton Beats with our first release for 2015.

Big Phat Bass is another massive riddim from the stuttgart basd dnb producer, this time he team up with London based vocalist Jasmine Knight to produce one hell of a dancefloor anthem, there really is no place for a raver to hide once this track drops. Sweat bands at the ready and get ya skanking shoes on for BIG PHAT BASS!!!!.

Too Much on the flip side is another classic example of Steampunks self titled style of dnb ‘wild dnb’. If you take the intensity of Big phat bass times it by 1000 and pour some rocket fuel on it, you have Too much, a massively high energy track leading Ten ton Beats nicely into 2015.


Costa aka Steampunk was born in the mid 80′s in Stuttgart, Germany. About 15 Years later he stumbled upon Drum And Bass more or less by coincidence. But this coincidence soon became one of his major changes in life. Following the call and searching for more, he found his love not only in the music but in the whole scene.

A couple of years later he took matters into his own hands, started mixing and put his first sets online under his first alias sTk. It didn’t take long till local Drum & Bass veterans discovered his talents and called him out to play on their events. So far Steampunk received bookings from north to south Germany, acting as local support for big names like Crissy Criss, Nicky Blackmarket, Blokhe4d, MC Navigator and the Ragga Twins. From the wildest jumpup tracks to harmonic liquid ballads, he’s mashing up tunes in about every style drum and bass can offer.

Meanwhile the producer inside broke through and so he used his influences gathered from producers like Original Sin, Heist, Hoax, Callide, Tantrum Desire and Drumsound & Bassline Smith to start producing his own jumpup and dancefloor bangers. Always in mind to keep the wild side of JumpUp Drum & Bass alive. Now he’s been in the game for about 6 years in DJing and 2 years in producing, more and more people noticing  his talents and Steampunk talents have developed to such an extent that he is being recognised worldwide and not just in his homeland of Germany, After sending a demo to TTB’s head man Rekless it was litrally days before Rekless replied his demo with an invitation to join Ten Ton Beats, Here at TTB HQ we have big things planned for this very talented electronic musician who seems to have mastered the ability to apply as much energy as he has for DnB into his productions, definatly one to watch for




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