Steampunk heads the charge into 2015 with some Big Phat Bass


Steampunk head the charge for ten Ton Beats with our first release for 2015.

Big Phat Bass is another massive riddim from the stuttgart basd dnb producer, this time he team up with London based vocalist Jasmine Knight to produce one hell of a dancefloor anthem, there really is no place for a raver to hide once this track drops. Sweat bands at the ready and get ya skanking shoes on for BIG PHAT BASS!!!!.

Too Much on the flip side is another classic example of Steampunks self titled style of dnb ‘wild dnb’. If you take the intensity of Big phat bass times it by 1000 and pour some rocket fuel on it, you have Too much, a massively high energy track leading Ten ton Beats nicely into 2015.


Costa aka Steampunk was born in the mid 80′s in Stuttgart, Germany. About 15 Years later he stumbled upon Drum And Bass more or less by coincidence. But this coincidence soon became one of his major changes in life. Following the call and searching for more, he found his love not only in the music but in the whole scene.

A couple of years later he took matters into his own hands, started mixing and put his first sets online under his first alias sTk. It didn’t take long till local Drum & Bass veterans discovered his talents and called him out to play on their events. So far Steampunk received bookings from north to south Germany, acting as local support for big names like Crissy Criss, Nicky Blackmarket, Blokhe4d, MC Navigator and the Ragga Twins. From the wildest jumpup tracks to harmonic liquid ballads, he’s mashing up tunes in about every style drum and bass can offer.

Meanwhile the producer inside broke through and so he used his influences gathered from producers like Original Sin, Heist, Hoax, Callide, Tantrum Desire and Drumsound & Bassline Smith to start producing his own jumpup and dancefloor bangers. Always in mind to keep the wild side of JumpUp Drum & Bass alive. Now he’s been in the game for about 6 years in DJing and 2 years in producing, more and more people noticing  his talents and Steampunk talents have developed to such an extent that he is being recognised worldwide and not just in his homeland of Germany, After sending a demo to TTB’s head man Rekless it was litrally days before Rekless replied his demo with an invitation to join Ten Ton Beats, Here at TTB HQ we have big things planned for this very talented electronic musician who seems to have mastered the ability to apply as much energy as he has for DnB into his productions, definatly one to watch for




Strictly bangers for Ten Ton Beats 40th release….

TTB40webThe Bangers only series returns to Ten Ton Beats with a 12 track ensemble of all things big bad bashy and fiendishly skanktastick!!.

Volume 2 does exactly what it says on the tin showcasing TTB’s finest producers new and old to deliver a product full of bangers not even the most critical keyboard warrior could give  bad press.

The tagline no deadweight springs to mind when you look at the front to back fire track listing made up of the Ten Ton beats most battle hardened soldiers.

All of dnb’s sub categories are represented on this various artist 12 track LP, Jump up, Liquid, Neuro, what I have decided to call down tempo filth……there is even a nod to the old skool with Kangaroo bass by dnb veteran Uniques.

Ten Ton Beats is now 40 releases in and continues to move forward with unstoppable momentum. It is true to say TTB is now established and will continue to strive to find new talent to enable the drum and bass scene to grow.

Bangers Only Volume 2 is a well thought out well executed 12 pack of delights, we at TTB HQ hope you will enjoy is as much as we have constructing it.


Shrust uses TTB to start his zombie invasion 8.9.14

ShrustdjThis one comes from a producer I’m sure you all have already heard of, The mighty Shrust waving the dnb flag for Deutschland for years, wome of you may not know that Shrust is a part of the TTB family and has had quite a few releases Ten Ton Beats.

A highly skilled producer who has mastered his chosen field…… what is that chosen field?, I hear you ask……The dirty business of making dutty riddims, you know the kind of tracks that make you want to elbow drop who ever is closest to you, yea Shrust is making them like that and then some…….The lead track Land of the dead gently guides you down what seems like a gentle but eerie trip down Raving Lane, the next thing you know you have turned down bassline ally and the track is unleashed in its entirety, no where to hide from those expertly produced drums and that bassline is just relentless, another massive track from one of Germany’s biggest dnb exports.

Listen to both tracks below, they lead into the highly anticipated Bangers only Volume 2 LP

Ten Tons Deeper continues its journey with Sketcha’s Lifeline EP 11.8.14


After the success of Ten Tons Deeper‘s (the second label under the Ten Ton Brand)  first release, Label boss Rekless is quick to follow up with yet more quality liquid vibes.This time they come from a young producer from Essex called Sketcha.

Sketcha has been producing for many years making waves on the jump up scene, working with various camps including Tango down digital and Lay Low recordings, always experimenting with new ways to make beats, he stumbled upon making Liquid and the darker side of  dnb and hasn’t looked back. Its easy to pigeon hole an artist under one genre, but it seems Sketcha is master of a few and seems to jump efforthlessly from liquid, to darksideto techy, or maybe mixing all the above into one hybrid monster sounds, AND PULLING IT OFF!!! (leave your dirty minds at the door please)

Recently Sketcha seems to have  definitely found his sound, utilising his years of experience in the jump up scene and music in general to maximum effect, not only from an arrangement point of view but also from a production point of view making sure all those instruments cut through the mix to maximum effect.

Deep in the darkest parts of Essex Sketcha was swiftly signed to Ten Tons Deeper off the back of a demo he handed to Rekless (TTD CEO), by the time Rekless got home the same day he was on the phone offering Sketcha a place in the Ten Ton camp

sketcha dogsweb

This second offering under TTD is big deal, The Lifeline EP shows Sketcha’s ability to genre jump and is testament to the high standard at Ten Tons Deeper, a 4 track masterpiece from a name you will definitely be hearing more from this year ‘SKETCHA’, you heard it here first peeps.

Each track on the EP shows another set of tools Sketcha has it his disposable from the lead track‘ Lifeline‘ with its intricate chord structure, nicely overlayed with sinister bass and a few synth stabs chucked in for good measure, to the beautiful piece of audio landscaping that is ‘Hero‘, this is where Sketcha shows his attention to detail and employs it to show he is not a one EP artists, this  Essex based producer is here to stay, have a listen to his EP below and make sure you go to your download stores to purchase it on 11.8.14


Dangerous – Working Class Hero EP…..INCOMING!!!!! 21.7.14

Dangerous promoWEB TTB’s longest serving soldier Dangerous breaks out of the studio that Ten Ton Beats CEO Rekless barricaded him into with what is arguable his biggest and best release to date.

The Working Class hero EP starts out the journey to get you all ready for his follow up as yet untitled LP coming soon to TTB.
Every single track on this monster 4 piece behemoth sends shivers down your spine and sends electrical signals to your brain to engage and skank!!!, from the big bad bass of the lead track ‘Working class hero’ to the unbelievably sick master piece that is ‘Death wish’, this EP shows how far Mr Dangerous has come over the last 3 years, A producer who always seeks to make the next release better than the last, he has truly leap frogged to a production skill set that not many producers achieve. The Working class hero EP cements Dangerous as amongst the next new wave of producers to breakthrough causing a big rukus in the world of dnb

Dangerous is the man in the spotlight at the moment gaining love internationally from the USA to Germany, Belgium and everywhere inbetween, bookings are coming in thick and fast for him and its been a long time coming. The recognition he deserves is finally happening and his production reflects this by pulling out all the stops to satisfy this new demand for his talents.

As i mentioned before there is a 10-12 track LP in the planning stages with alot of the material already made, Dangerous and his workrate has never been an issue its theTTB38WEB quality he is achieving now that has changed and will be applied to this new LP. Dangerous has always been a very talented producer, there must be something about that south coast air he shares with fellow TTB producer DJ Dusty and TTB affiliates Samy Nicks & Rekwest.

The Album will be a reflection of his journey through the world of dnb since signing to Ten Ton Beats over 3 years ago, there will be VIP’s of some of his most popular tracks including ‘once upon a time in south’ supported by the Legendary Bailey on his 1xtra show not forgetting revisiting some of the tracks he made with the Mighty MC Foxy of the New Breed Crew & Mad Man Army and of course there will be a load of new material that will be rotated on dub in the coming months.

There is lots to look forward to from Mr Dangerous, including a visit to the liquid side of things away from his jump up roots for a release on Ten Ton Beats sister label Ten Tons Deeper. whether you are listening to one of his beats or you have managed to catch a Dj set of his somewhere in the world, one thing is for sure Dangerous is certainly living up to his name, flying the flag for TTB Dangerous is definitely  releasing the DANGER!!!!!



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