Ten Tons delivers another belter for your listening pleasure, fully taking the labels new tagline seriously '360 degrees of drum and bass under one roof. 
Ten Tons has been busy planning and plotting from the last half of 2019, we have new signings, a new logo and a fresh new outlook to take is into 2020 and beyond. 
The term Double A side gets banded around a lot, normally its to give the 'B side' a better look as its normally a weaker track. 
But not on this release, Perfect Storm has summer anthem written all over it, it got its first airing on BBC Introducing which is always a great way to launch your music to the world. Its the song writing that stands out here, Madison has used her amazing vocal ability and range and manages to accompany the music rather than dominate it, after you've listened to this track you suddenly find your self humming the melody, in my opinion this is the sign of a truly special sound, with drum and bass at its core. 

'Now we rollin' gives us a role reversal from the duo, where as Perfect Storm seemed to be a way for Madison Roovers to flex her musical muscles. 
Now its Vees turn to show off some technical bassline wizadry and some solid drums which litrally force your head to nod add to the mix Madison's soulful hook helping this deep dark jump up beast rolling along, something for every DJ/RAVER or Playlist curator, no dead weight here.

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